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We travel throughout Belarus and abroad developing walking routes and finding places to stay that are suitable for disabled people. This year we created and developed a new trend – a complete fitness walking program aimed specifically for the disabled which we called the «Green Routes». Whilst developing the concept of the Green Routes we asked ourselves how we could make this activity not only entertaining but also making a contribution to improving disabled persons health in both body and mind at the same time.

One of the «Green Routes» is in the large recreation area called «Drazdy» which is situated a short distance outside the city boundaries of North West Minsk. We created a map of the paths, picnic spots, cafes, restaurants and other public amenities suitable for wheelchairs and disabled people in general. An additional well received attraction in Drazdy, besides its relaxed atmosphere, is a sizable water reservoir that has some convenient and quiet locations that allow fishing and swimming to be enjoyed by our guests.

We developed the fitness walking program supervised and monitored by Alena Serkulskaya and Iryna Yakimets, both of whom are associate professors of Curative Physical Training department at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture and Doctors’ of pedagogical science.

During these programs disabled people can get information about living a healthier lifestyle, the latest improved nutritional innovations and individually achieving the optimal physical activity for every participant. In addition to this counselling, we offer various types of physical exercises, activity games, yoga and Pilate’s elements, breathing exercises and workouts of the BodyFlex system to create a combined stimulus of body and mind.

To encourage further rehabilitation as well as reconnecting with nature more directly, we organise very enjoyable horse riding events at the «Abryckaya Slabada equestrian centre», situated not far outside North West Minsk.

With grateful thanks to the charitable generosity of the «Wellness Travel» organisation, our disabled children met Father Christmas at Belavežskaya Pušča, which is a Natural History Reservation and Park located near the city of Brest in South West Belarus and also straddles the border with Poland. Wellness Travel is a specialist Company in these type events as they commercially offer a number of rehabilitation and curative tours for disabled people.