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Art studio

We offer drawing, painting, modelling and history of art classes. Every child is approached individually according to their type of disability. Exhibitions are organised to show the best works of our students and meetings are arranged with Belarusian artists. These classes are useful for everyone, regardless of physical and mental infirmity. Group work and teacher guidance […]

Dance theatre studio «Mandarin»

The dance theatre studio «Mandarin» started in 2000. Our students are children with different types of disability such as movement disorders and intellectual disability. The students’ siblings and parents can also be included in certain circumstances. We practice various dance styles: Folk, Latin, Ballroom, and different modern styles. Since 2006 we play musicals where children […]

Personality development training

This is self-improvement training that helps strengthen relationships within a family, with relatives and friends. Helps to realize what forwards personal growth and what stagnates it. Training develops communicative skills, give understanding how to acquire strong civil position, become a leader and change your life. The example of such training is «Leadership without limitations for […]