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Чароўная кветкаThe ninth international festival of special theatres took place on 11-12th May in Brest acadimical drama theatre. Four troupes from Belarus, two from Russia, two from Ukraine and one from Poland participated there. The subject of the festival was «World of puppet». The following plays were performed: «The Heart Muscle» («Žalejka», Brest, Belarus), «How the King Pea marry daughter Pumpkin off» («Fantaziory», town Jugolin, Belarus), «Čaroŭnaja kvetka» («Mandarin», Minsk, Belarus), «Solomon and the Bee» («Raduga», Minsk, Belarus), «Strasti po muche» («Parostki», Kiev, Ukraine), «Sveča nadeždy» («TAMI», Lutsk, Ukraine), «Naš Maršak» («Radosć mona», Syvtyvkar, Komi Republic, Russia), «The Doll» («Teremok», Saint Petersburg, Russia), «Povesć staroj melnicy» («Usmech», Kielce, Poland).

At the festival Dance theatre studio  «Mandarin» performed musical  «Čaroŭnaja kvetka» written by Natallia Ryžova.


The Girl Sonia — Safia Praznova

The Grandmother — Julia Ryžova

The Doll — Krystsina Sulzhytskaya

Teddy Bear — Roman Ryžov

The Teacher — Angelika Danilovich

The Boy — Ihar Maslouski

The Dancer — Uliana Solovej.

Dance theatre «Mandarin» have participated three times at the International festival of special theatres «Nieprataptany Šliach». In 2010 we performed the play «Magic power of love», in 2011, the play «Buratino and his friends». Our latest has been in 2013 where we presented the musical «Čaroŭnaja kvetka» and became the prize winner of the festival.

Congratulations to the young artists!