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In partnership with sport-rehabilitation complex «Egalite» and districts’ centres of civilians social service we organise novuss trainings and tournaments.

Thus «Minsk-Mahilioŭ» tournament took place on 10th August 2013. It was the first novuss tournament in Belarusian history where the disabled played with the healthy. Eighteen sportsmen participated in this competition.

Minsk team won the Cup of the tournament. The winners among men are Yauhen Sukhadolski (the first place), Valeryi Antsyferau (the second place), Yauhen Marozau (the third place); among women – Volha Nikitsina (the first place), Sviatlana Nikitsina (the second place), Alena Serkulskaya (the third place).

In International Novuss Tournament «Pearl by the sea – 2013» in Odessa Volha Nikitsina and Alena Serculskaya won 4th and 5th place among women respectively , Yauhen Marozau won 5th place among men.