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We are united by mutual ideas to help people with disability in rehabilitation, adaptation and full integration into  society.

Coupled directly with this, is the desire to begin the eradication of stigmatisation and discrimination that people living with disability frequently experience in everyday life.

In order to achieve our objectives, we plan to encourage and foster an active lifestyle for all people with disability and members of their families to be accepted amongst the general population as their equal.

We are a voluntary charity, non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

The name «Asablivy sviet» in the Belarusian language has two meanings. The first is «special world», and it is certainly true – as life people living with disability is significantly different compared with others. The second meaning is «special light», and we hope that our activities will bring light to those in darkness.

We try to help to overcome the psychological and physical obstacles experienced by people with disability regarding their self-confidence and reaching their potential in life with other members of society.

Our work is based on continuous mutual help and support. Together we discuss and endeavour to offer solutions to the problems that people living with disability regularly encounter.

It is our sincere hope that our work will generate inspiration and promote positive examples to the disabled and society in general.

Our team

Alena SerculskayaAlena Serkulskaya 

Associate professor of Curative Physical Training department of Belarusian State University of Physical Culture. Doctor of pedagogical science. World and European wheelchair dance sport champion. Chief of  the disabled people’s association «Asablivy sviet».

Area of interest: physical culture, sport, tourism for disabled people, organisation of culture and sport participation for people with disability in general, development of public initiatives together with the  advancement of interests for  children living with disability and their families.

Tatsiana Lapko 

Studied in the humanitarian faculty of Belarusian State University and qualified as a psychologist.

Area of interest: social work, different kinds of rehabilitation, group psychology, development of public initiatives, advertisement psychology, various kinds of education technics, marketing. In 2004 she carried out a survey among people with disability with the purpose of finding out a number of people willing to continue their education and provide them with information about studying possibilities in Belarusian universities involving different courses.

Elena Karpeko

As a child, studied music and sky diving . Graduated from the School of Music in piano in Chita, Russia. Graduated from the medical school in Mazyr as a specially  qualified senior nurse. After serving two years in the Army, achieved the rank of  Sergeant Medic in reserve. Graduated from the Belarusian State Pedagogical University, with the specialty in speech therapy. During her part-time studies at the university of Minsk, she simultaneously worked at the Centre for Early Intervention, Centre for Correction, Development Training and Rehabilitation. Since 2008 she has been the head of Social Services in the Pershamaiski district of Minsk. Studied at the Republic Institute of Raising Qualification at the Faculty of Social Workers «Management in social work».

Areas of professional and personal interests: Head of the project «Our pets», aimed at social inclusion of disabled children and young people with disabilities through communication with dogs. Member of three international projects for social development, protection of rights and employment opportunities of persons with disabilities.

 Andrey Banuh

Graduated with honors from Minsk College of Light Industry as mechanic-technician. In 2005 he organized computer training for people with disabilities on the basis of the Belarusian Institute for Advanced Studies. A member of the Republican Association of the Wheelchair users since 2006; in 2012 he created a commission to monitor the barrier-free environment and became its chairman. A board member of Minsk department of  Belarusian Society of Disabled People, responsible for monitoring of barrier-free environment creation. Assists in creaion a barrier-free environment in Minsk , advocate interests of people with disability.

“I am concerned with passivity of people living with disabilities, lack of solidarity, misanderstanding and low knowledge among them”, says Andrey.

Iryna Yakimets

Doctor of pedagogical science. Associate professor of Curative Physical Training department of Belarusian State University of Psysical Culture.

Yauhen Marozau 

Whilst Studying at college, he unfortunaltely became disabled. Whilst being in a wheelchair he obtained the computer qualification, «Operator of Computers». He is also the Leader of the sport club «Novuss».

«I take part in tournaments. Help to promote this new in our Republic kind of sport. Try to maintain active healthy lifestyle!»

Katsiaryna Kashynskaya  

Belarusian State Medical University, the faculty of preventive medicine.

In addition, she has been the originator and creator of this web-site, Asablivysviet.org.by (Osobymir.org.by).

Area of interest: inclusive education in Belarus.

Volha and Krystsina Sulzhytskаya 

Yauhen Sukhadolski

Fiodarau Aliaksandr

Vitali Zianevich 

Dzmitry Shaplyka

Ludmila Каsyak

Natallia, Julia and Roman Ryžoŭ

Sviatlana, Tatsiana and Safia Praznova

Natalia and Аngelika Danilovich

Sviatlana and Ihar Masloŭski