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The dance theatre studio «Mandarin» started in 2000. Our students are children with different types of disability such as movement disorders and intellectual disability. The students’ siblings and parents can also be included in certain circumstances.

We practice various dance styles: Folk, Latin, Ballroom, and different modern styles. Since 2006 we play musicals where children speak a little but mainly singing and dancing.

Participating in dance theatre develops creativity, physical ability, psychological stability and communication skills. During frequent guest performances children learn how to behave and speak foreign languages. Participation at the theatre contributes to increasing the children’s self-confidence and personal esteem.

The most significant achievements of our students have been the bronze medal at the 2007 International Wheelchair Dance Eurasia Cup Championship held in St. Petersburg and the gold medal at the Wheelchair Dance Championship of the Republic of Belarus in 2011.

Dance theatre «Mandarin» have participated three times at the International festival of special theatres «Neprataptany Šliach». In 2010 we performed the play «Magic power of love», in 2011, the play «Buratino and his friends». Our latest has been in 2013 where we presented the musical «Čaroŭnaja kvetka» and became the prize winner of the festival.

In addition, we taken part with success in the following art and dance competitions:

International art festival for young disabled people «Temp» in 2006,

International children contest «Light your star» in 2006,

International art festival for disabled people in Lithuania in 2007,

Festival «Magic of art» in 2007,

International children art festival «Childhood wings» in 2008,

International festival «Soniačna chvylia», Kiev, 2008,

International festival of special theatres «A step towards», Minsk, 2011,

The first republican art contest «Art to live, art to create», 2011, International festival of arts «Slavianski bazar».

Classes take place in the rehabilitation centre of the Belarusian disabled people’s association, Varanianskaha 50-4, Minsk, Belarus.