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Child forum

Our project aims to create favourable conditions for collaborative work of children. It is based on the principles of inclusion.

The Child forum consists of various contests such as dance and song contest, drawing and photography contests and sport competitions where healthy and children living with disability work together that foster long-lasting mutual creative activity in out-of-school time

Drawing classes

These classes are useful for everyone, regardless of physical and mental infirmity. Group work and teacher guidance develops creativity, abstract thinking and spatial reasoning.

Exhibitions are organised to show the best works of our students and meetings are arranged with Belarusian artists

Dance theatre studio for children and teenagers

Our students are children with different types of disability such as movement disorders and intellectual disability. We practice various dance styles, play musicals.

We presented our musical «Čarounaja kvietka» and became the prize winner of the International festival «Neprataptany šliach»