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Dance studio «Mandarin» won bronze at International Wheelchair Dance Championship of Eurasia Cup among ensembles that took place in Saint Petersburg in 2007. Dance groups from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Israel and Malta competed there.

It were the first time when we took part at international championship and the first cast of Dance studio «Mandarin»: Aksana and Yauhen Haidukou, Liuboŭ and Aliaksandr Novak, Nadzeja and Viktoryja Nenuchina, Alena and Natallia Skidan.  In obedience to the championship rules we performed three dances: waltz, samba, folk dance.

The president of the Federation of Wheelchair Dance in Russia Elena Lazko said about our performance:  «There is nothing more harmonious than mother dancing with her child».